No Match for IT Training

Jermaine Rolle found the training he was looking for and it has paid off


Jermaine Rolle

Former student in both Computer Support and CISCO Network Security


CISCO Network Security, Computer Repair and Enterprise Network Support

"Francis Tuttle has the best instructors for IT training."

Former Cyber Security student Jermaine Rolle enjoys working freelance in network design, configuring routers and switches, and more, and he has plenty of it by sub-contracting with IT service providers for organizations such as hospitals, law offices, convenience stores, and construction firms, among others. When he and his wife moved to Oklahoma, Jermaine sought a technology school which included hands-on CISCO training (vs. theoretical). He commented that the curriculum Francis Tuttle offered was the most diversified, included his first certification (A+) paid, and had the best offering in IT training (in his words, “No match”). As a student, Jermaine earned first place in both the state and national SkillsUSA Internetworking competitions, which he attributed to having great instructors.

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