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Internships offer career experience for Entrepreneurship students

AXIS connects students to real-world work

Internships are essential for a trained and ready workforce.

Francis Tuttle encourages internships for all programs and any student ready for that experience. This includes high school students who have benefited from internship opportunities at places like Boeing and OG&E through their Career Training Program.

However, some students don’t have to go as far for their internship experience. 

Entrepreneurship Program students gained valuable experience working for Content Journey, a marketing startup in the AXIS small business incubator. With everything located on the Danforth Campus, making a connection that promotes real-world experience was easy.

“It has helped me to see how I can get there,” high school senior Ava Beery said. “It’s cleared the fog and shown me the way.”

Beery is in her third year of the Entrepreneurship Program at Francis Tuttle and will graduate from Deer Creek High School in May 2024. She already has a year and a half of experience working for Content Journey. Still, she thinks of it as a valuable internship.

“I’m still gaining valuable experience,” Beery said. “That’s what takes it from a part-time job to being more like a paid internship.”

Beery provides social media content for Content Journey clients. She interacts directly with other businesses, giving her a unique perspective and first-hand experience.

Lindsey Miller, founder and Lead Guide of Content Journey, said it makes sense for her company to have Francis Tuttle students as interns and part-time employees. She is happy to provide a beneficial learning experience.

“We’re kind of an educating company anyways,” she said. “Marketing is an industry that is constantly changing and adopting new things. We’re going to learn about it together, fix any mistakes, and get it right.”

Miller said AXIS has been valuable for Content Journey in many ways, and among them is its location at the Danforth Campus, surrounded by learning, creativity, and innovation.

“Just being in this ecosystem is important,” Miller said. “Francis Tuttle is giving back to my business, so this is a way for me to give back to the community.”

Beery said she has gained a lot from working for Miller. As an entrepreneurship student, seeing how a professional handles their day-to-day business duties and customers is valuable.

“She’s done so much for her business and to build up Content Journey, but she still keeps people at the forefront of everything she does,” Beery said.

by Adam Troxtell - October 18, 2023