Hayden Love found his world in computer science

Hayden has a career in mind and has been accepted into college after three high school years in CSA

Published December 11, 2019
Hayden Love Success Story photo

Hayden Love

Computer Science Academy student
"I enjoy having smaller class sizes where I can have more one-on-one time with my teachers."

It’s a computerized world, and Hayden Love just wanted to know more about it. That’s what brought him to the Computer Science Academy, and now he’s pursuing a career in the field.

“I enjoy knowing how the world around me works, and computers are a big part of my life,” Love said. “I play video games with my friends, and coding is really fun for me.”

Love got accepted to Wichita State University thanks to his hard work in CSA. He plans to work in video game design, now that he understands multiple coding languages.

“I definitely think video game design was pushed more my way when I got here and realized I could code and I got into that,” Love said. “I was a little nervous, and I thought it was a lot different. Then I find I have to learn a language, it was a little intimidating. But it’s definitely an experience I’m grateful to have had.”

Love said he enjoys the class sizes in CSA and knowing that he’s in class with fellow students who share many of his interests. In all three years, Love has worked with the same instructors, which provides another advantage.

“For one, the class size is a big thing for me. I enjoy having smaller class sizes where I can have more one-on-one time with my teachers,” Love said. “Another thing is I have the same teachers three years in a row. They know what my weaknesses are, they can better teach me, they can make the classes more personal and easier to understand.”

And understanding computer science isn’t only important for his career field. Love said it is important for everyone to learn at least some of what he works on in class every day.

We’re in that age where computers are dominating every field, so there’s no harm in learning about how to operate a computer well. No matter what field you’re going into, you’ll have to operate one at some point.”

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