Designing Products for People to Use

Finding two interests in one program, Gavin August-DeVilbiss plans to get started in the workforce before college.


Gavin August-DeVilbiss

Creating Products with CADD


Computer Aided Design and Drafting

"Francis Tuttle has been a great experience and college can wait, for now.”

Computer Aided Drafting and Design student Gavin August-DeVilbiss says he has always been intrigued by technology and making things, which fits as a basic description of manufacturing. With that in mind, he thought Francis Tuttle’s CADD program would be a great way to get into the workforce and combine two of his favorite interests.

CADD is multifaceted, with different areas to consider. Gavin has chosen to pursue the mechanical side of CADD, learning to design actual products that can be created for people to use. He has always been very independent, and he commented that Francis Tuttle’s curriculum is perfect for him to work on his own, though often collaborating with others on their designs, observing and trying to understand what they’re doing, and how.

“Francis Tuttle has been a great experience and college can wait, for now,” he said. He intends to eventually attend college, but wants to get into the workforce to pay his way. “I would recommend someone considering Francis Tuttle to make good use of their time, take every opportunity to learn, put in the time, and that will help them to succeed.”

Gavin is confident he will have a job lined up by the end of the school year, but will first attend SkillsUSA State, competing in drafting against students from throughout Oklahoma.

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