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Interactive Media

Create engaging interactive experiences in a digital format

Employers today seek creativity in a wide range of platforms when it comes to digital media. Interactive Media seeks to be that secret for success that students need to find a fun, fulfilling career.

This program gives students experience in multiple digital media platforms that are popular or growing in popularity in the professional world. Experience projects designed to emphasize your creativity through rigorous preparation, teamwork, and the ability to solve problems.

By virtue of its location on the Danforth Campus, Interactive Media students get access to the tools and resources that exist in a real-world professional setting. This includes Design Thinking Studios; a Product Realization Lab with 3D printers, laser cutters and a coding area; and collaborative spaces where students can interact, develop ideas and innovate. In the classroom, Interactive Media students have access to a Motion Capture Studio and a Virtual Reality Lab.

In both majors, students can choose from multiple electives to ensure they gain experience for the exact career they seek, whether in 3D Modeling, Motion Media Design, Video Game Design, Immersive Reality and more. 


Employment Opportunities

Advertising, Creative Media Production, Digital Arts, Graphic Design, Marketing, Mass Communication and Visual Communication.

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About this Occupation

Professionals in this industry use design skills and technology to produce content used in video games and on websites, as well as video, special effects, and animation. Professionals must be comfortable experimenting with evolving technology. Teamwork is an important aspect of this industry. You must be able to follow directions, communicate effectively with peers and meet the needs of clients all while using your own creativity and meeting strict deadlines.

Learn from Experienced Instructors

Christy Whitfield

Interactive Media Instructor

Christy Whitfield is an Interactive Media instructor at the Danforth Campus. Christy has been a technology instructor since 1999. Throughout her career, she has seen technology evolve from the early days. She worked with Macromedia products, coding on the Web in the early years, and, of course, Adobe has always been a staple in the programs she has instructed. Christy is passionate about teaching and learning. Her classroom is a sandbox for her and her students to explore new technology together. Christy has a Masters in Education from the University of Central Oklahoma and is a National Board Certified Teacher. Christy is a Master CIW Designer, Adobe Certified Associate Educator, and has certified skills in MTA Introduction to Programming using HTML and CSS, MTA HTML 5 Application Development, Oracle SQL, and Adobe Certified Professional (Animate, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver).