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APICS Supply Chain Certification Prep

Expand your knowledge of supply chain management through instructor-led training

The global supply chain has always been a vital component to daily life, but it remained a background topic until the pandemic hit. The importance of a steady supply chain is more evident now than ever before, and understanding its principles is a key skill in the modern workplace.

APICS Supply Chain Certification Prep courses will provide you with a comprehensive body of knowledge on supply chains, inventory planning and management, and logistics. Francis Tuttle is proud to offer this instructor-led training that helps you stand out from your peers and earn more through a successful career in the supply chain field.

Classes offer preparation for three types of certification exams.

  • Certified in Planning and Inventory Management (CPIM): Demonstrates expertise in planning and looking ahead to the next supply chain challenge. Trainees learn to respond to supply disruptions and variations in demand, manage supply chain risk, new ideas to increase inventory accuracy and improve sales and operations planning (S&OP processes), and how the pandemic impacted supply chains and what vulnerabilities were exposed.
  • Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP): Completion ensures you will become a recognized expert in the supply chain field. Trainees will learn how to effectively manage global supply chain activities, such as suppliers, plants, distributors and customers; in addition, use data to better align production, distribution, purchasing and service, reduce waste, identify supply chain risk and prepare risk response, and place your company in an ideal supply chain state.
  • Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD): Demonstrates expertise in effective management of this area of the supply chain. Trainees will learn how to manage warehouse and inventory, how to identify and mitigate risk in inventory, transportation and distribution, best practices, and the optimization and streamlining of these processes.

Thank you for your interest in APICS Supply Chain Certification Prep. We currently do not have a class scheduled at this time. To inquire about this training and future class offerings, please contact Nick Powell at