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Aerospace Training

Classes and programs that promote growth in aerospace, drone tech, and related industries

We are equipped and ready to provide a sustainable workforce for the aerospace industry in our state. 

Aerospace industry classes provide a clear pathway to a job in this exciting industry. Training is largely hands-on and conducted by industry experts with many years of experience.

Trainees learn skills to obtain jobs in the manufacture and repair of aircraft, the fabrication and repair of drones, and the operation and repair of aircraft electrical systems. Most of class time is spent at workstations or on aircraft parts to provide real-world scenarios and get trainees job-ready from day one.

Contact Nick Powell or call 405.717.4745 to learn more about this training.

Drone Classes

Drones are taking the power of aerospace into all kinds of industries. Our drone classes help trainees master their skills and prepare to obtain an FAA license. Classes are open to drone hobbyists or those seeking to turn it into a career.

  • UAV Technician
  • UAV Part 107 Pilot Training
  • EVTOL Propulsion
  • LIDAR Survey
  • Photogrammetry Survey
  • Aerial Cinematography

Aerospace Technologies Classes

Work on aircraft structural skills by working with real-world tools and blueprints. Trainees focus on safety, assemblies and panels, metals and fasteners, and aircraft components.

Hands-on training includes wire stripping, pinning, connector building, harness assembly and routing, soldering, and additional electrical competencies. Trainees work at stations and on actual aircraft components to make sure they are fully prepared.

Composite material is used heavily in drone production and repair, but the material's use is growing in the entire industry. Trainees in our Composites Center of Excellence at the Reno Campus learn material fabrication, bonding, and repairing composite-based aircraft. Hands-on training is done on the latest tools and machines used in the fabrication and repair of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles.